Why Recruitment isn’t as Easy as it Seems

With a deluge of resumes floating around unfortunately due to the pandemic impacting their current jobs- it seems recruitment can be easy.

Here are a few reasons why it’s not even now:

1. Flood of responses to an advertisement- More of a menace as there is less than 5% of relevant CVs.

2. Desperation doesn’t mean stickiness so if it’s not the right match overall- they will jump ship as soon as they get the next best opportunity.

3. Opportunity cost- many seem to think to be able to fill the role quickly and at a lesser cost- the reality that we forget is the opportunity cost. Finding the right talent that fits into your role/culture/comp structure takes time, skill and patience.

4. The wrong hire is much costlier.

5. A JD is written to literally attract GOD for the role but the key is to really understand what is really needed.

6. Hiring purely from the competition is the easiest but also expensive and doesn’t always bring new thinking.

So whether you are a leader in an organization looking for talent or a recruiter trying to close an open mandate- always remember recruiting (not talking about bulk or volume hiring of junior resources) is an art and needs patience, time and passion to find the best.

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