Key things to survive this pandemic from a job/career perspective.

We are inundated with CVs as an Executive Search firm during this time – the no of job openings are far and few and whoever is hiring has a very specific time bound need.

So how do we survive these times to come out victorious ultimately:

1. Work from home and not Work FOR home–First if you are privileged to wfh and still have a job–please don’t take it lightly. This isn’t the time to feel bored–give it your 150% at this time. Make yourself valuable to the company at this time. If the company doesn’t feel you are contributing much they could consider you in the list to lay off as these are testing times.

2. Challenge yourself–This is very important you don’t have your boss to sit next to you to show you the path–virtual media has some limitations and therefore you have to research and find out the best solutions. Don’t take it easy saying i really don’t know how to do it. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

3. For a new opportunity–Remember these are testing times–so dont try the old tricks of negotiation–i am expecting a 20% hike and I want another 20% to change job. We all know the truth at this time.

So its the survival of the fittest. It isn’t that all jobs will be lost–startups are doing a great job in finding faster solutions to deal with this. Ecommerce, Agri to education companies are innovating fast to find creative solutions and yes there will be specific niche hiring which we are already seeing and supporting our clients with. However, if you have to take time off then spend that time wisely–learning new skills, upgrading yourself so that when the time is right you can find the next job faster or do something yourself better. Sometimes a hobby can become a new business idea. So use this time as creatively as you can.

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